14 Reasons Why Basketball Is Better Than Football

There are many passionate debates in the world of sports. Many people would argue that basketball is a better overall sport than football. So, is basketball better than American football?

Basketball is better than football because it is safer to play and not as harmful as football. In addition, basketball is more popular worldwide, leading to more international career opportunities and sponsorship.

Read on to find the top 14 reasons why basketball is better than football.

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Reasons Why Basketball Is Better Than Football
Reasons Why Basketball Is Better Than Football

Top 14 Reasons Why Basketball Is Better Than Football

Here are 14 reasons why you should consider basketball over football.

1- Basketball Is One of the Best Exercise Sport

Basketball is a great sport that can be played both outdoors and indoors. You need to run, jump, and shoot the ball while also trying to defend your opponents. This makes it an amazing type of workout activity that can help you stay in shape and improve your overall health.

On the other hand, football is a sport that is mostly played outdoors. Therefore, it requires a lot of running and physical contact with other players. This can be really dangerous and may lead to serious injuries, especially if you are not in excellent shape.

The table below shows calories burned in 30-minute of basketball vs football

Activities125-pound (57 Kg) individual 155-pound (70 Kg) individual185-pound (84 kg) individual
Basketball 240288336
Football 240288336
The table Displays Calories Burned In 30-Minute Of Basketball Vs Football – sportsario.com (Source: Harvard Health Publishing)

2- Basketball Is Played Both Indoors While Football Is Mostly Played Outdoors

When creating basketball, Dr. James Naismith used 13 rules to develop a game that worked within a small gymnasium. In other words, basketball is mostly played indoors. This is a great aspect of basketball games because it means that the game can be enjoyed regardless of outside weather conditions.

On the other hand, football is an outdoor sport and is therefore subject to the whims of Mother Nature. A little rain or snow can easily cause a football game to be postponed or canceled.

3- Basketball Is Safer Sport Than Football

Basketball is a safer sport than football. This is because there is less physical contact between players. This means that there is a lower risk of injury, including concussions.

Basketball is a respectful game because it is prohibited to push and hit other players playing during a match. Generally, basketball players who show disrespect to other players get penalties. More importantly, basketball is less brutal because of its strict rules.

In addition, basketball is less likely to cause long-term damage to players’ brains. Football is a dangerous sport. Basketball is not as physical of a sport like football, so there are typically fewer injuries. This means that players can stay healthy and on the court or field longer.

The most common basketball-related injuries are patellofemoral inflammation, lateral ankle sprains, knee sprains, and lumbar strains, according to a study.

Basketball American Football
Average Injuries Per Game5.900.16
Rate of Injury Per Player During a Game0.0640.016
Most Common InjuryConcussionAnkle Sprain
Table Displays Rate And Types Of Injuries In Basketball And American football – sportsario.com (Source: Harvard)

4- Basketball Allows Unlimited Substitutions

In football, each team is allowed to make limited substitutions per game. This means that if a player gets injured or needs to change tactics, the team is limited in how they can do so.

On the other hand, basketball allows for an unlimited number of substitutions. This allows teams to keep players fresh and means that if a player is injured, they can be quickly replaced without disrupting the game too much.

5- Games can be played on Consecutive Days without the Players Getting Tired

Footballers need at least one day to rest between games. Otherwise, they will get injured or too tired to play well.

This is not the case with basketball players, who can easily play two games in two days without any problems. It’s one of the reasons why the NBA season is so long – there are no days off!

6- Basketball Is a More Gender Neutral Sport

While football is seen as a man’s sport, basketball is much more popular among both genders. Basketball is one of the few sports where men and women can compete together on equal terms.

This is because basketball does not require as much physical strength as football.

7- Basketball Has Relatively Easier Rules

Basketball is a sport with relatively fewer rules compared to football. Initially, basketball was created around only 13 rules, which makes it easier for people to understand and follow the game. Also, the referees enforce the rules more strictly in basketball than in football, which leads to a fairer and more exciting game. It is easier to score in basketball than in football.

In football, a touchdown is worth six points, while in basketball, a basket is worth two or three points depending on where it is shot from. This makes it harder for one team to catch up to the other if they are behind by many points. In addition, basketball players have more control over the ball.

8- A Single Season of Basketball Usually Has More Games than A Season Of Football

This gives basketball fans more opportunities to see their favorite teams in action. It also means that there are more chances for players to showcase their skills on the court. 

In football, the top players might only score a touchdown or two during an entire game. This makes it difficult for fans to get a true sense of what they’re capable of.

9- Anyone Can Easily Play Basketball  

Basketball is a sport that anyone can easily play. You do not require any expensive items or equipment or even a large playing area. You only need a ball and hoop.

Basketball is easy for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy the game, whether they’re playing on a local park court or in their driveway. You only need to know the rules and have a pair of sneakers. You can get started by learning how to grab the ball and improve your throwing skills.

Football, on the other hand, requires a lot more expensive equipment. In addition to a playing field, you need pads, helmets, and other protective gear – not to mention a team of players.

Generally, basketball is easier to play and leads to fewer injuries. It is cheaper to play; you only need a ball and a playground or gym. 


10- Basketball Can Connect With Fans On A More Personal Level

Basketball players are often more accessible to fans than football players. They sign autographs and interact with fans before and after games, while football players are usually back in their locker rooms after the game. This personal interaction makes basketball players seem more down-to-earth and relatable, which causes them to be loved by the fans.

You can see the faces of your favorite basketball players during the game whereas the football players usually wear a helmet. You can see the players’ faces and expressions during a basketball game. You can also see their reactions to calls and plays, which can be entertaining.

The graph below compares basketball and American football in terms of search volume. From 2004 to 2022, American football has more fans than basketball, particularly in the United States (USA), based on web search from Google trends.  

14 Reasons Why Basketball Is Better Than Football
Table Compares Basketball And American Football In Term Of Popularity – sportsario.com

Worldwide, basketball has more participants and fans than American football.

14 Reasons Why Basketball Is Better Than Football
Table Shows Worldwide Comparaison Of Basketball And American Football In Terms Of Popularity – sportsario.com

11- Basketball Is A Low Contact Sport

In basketball, there is very little physical contact between players. This means a much lower risk of injury than in football.

Basketball is also a less violent sport, making it more suitable for younger children to play. It is also less likely to cause concussions than football.

In addition, basketball has fewer players on the playground, making the game more lively and engaging.

12- Basketball Is A More Skilled Sport

Basketball is a more skillful sport than football. This is because it requires a higher level of coordination and athleticism. Basketball players need to be able to dribble the ball, pass it and shoot it with accuracy.

I admit football has constant collisions, grand strategy, excitement, and team play. But, besides football’s continuous and extreme collisions, basketball requires more skills than football.

They need to have good spatial awareness to avoid other players. This makes basketball a more challenging and, therefore, more enjoyable sport to play.

13- Basketball Is A Faster Sport

Basketball is a faster sport than football. The players are constantly on the move, running up and down the court.

There is also less time for players to rest, as the game is played in four quarters. This makes basketball a more exciting and adrenaline-pumping sport to watch.

14- Basketball Players Are More marketable

Basketball is a more popular sport than football. This is because it is played worldwide, in countries such as the USA, China, Brazil, and Australia. Basketball also has a wider appeal than football, as both men and women can enjoy it.

Basketball players are more marketable than football players. This is because they are seen as being more talented and skilled. Basketball players are also more likely to have a successful career in the NBA or overseas. This means that they can earn more money from endorsements and sponsorship deals. Shaquille O’Neal and Michael Jordan are two examples of successful basketball players who have been able to cash in on their popularity.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, basketball is a better sport than football. It is more skillful, faster, and less violent. Basketball players are also more marketable and down-to-earth. This makes basketball a more enjoyable sport to play and watch.


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