How Long Does It Take To Get a Black Belt In Taekwondo? (This long!)

Taekwondo is among the most popular martial arts offering tremendous benefits. Like karate, Taekwondo has its belt system and requirements to move from one belt to the next. I have been wondering about Taekwondo. 

So, how long does it take to get a black belt in Taekwondo? Taekwondo achieves black belts in degrees, and earning the first-degree black belt in Taekwondo takes three to five years. However, the International TaeKwon-Do Association suggests a minimum of 2 years of training before a student earns a black belt. 

Furthermore, some people may be able to achieve black belt status in a few years, while others may take longer.

Read on to find the factors contributing to how long it takes to achieve black belt status in Taekwondo and discover a few tips to speed up the process!

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How Long Does It Take To Get a Black Belt In Taekwondo (This long!)
How Long Does It Take To Get a Black Belt In Taekwondo (This long!) –

What Is Taekwondo?

As a Korean martial art, Taekwondo is one of the most widely practiced sports in the world. In Korean, “Tae” means foot, “Kwon” means fist, and “do” means way or discipline. Therefore, Taekwondo can be translated as “the way of the foot and fist.”

It is characterized by its fast and powerful kicks, which explains why it is often referred to as “the art of kicking.” A common Taekwondo motto is “mental strength through physical strength.”

While the precise origins of Taekwondo are unclear, it is believed to have evolved from ancient martial arts practices in Korea and China. It became a formalized discipline in the mid-1900s and has since grown to become the most popular martial arts in the world.

Taekwondo is now practiced by millions of people in more than 190 countries as a way to exercise, condition, strength, self-defense, and sport.

Taekwondo can also help develop self-discipline and self-esteem, including inner calm and focus (Source: University of Vermont)

So, How Long Does It Take To Get a Black Belt In Taekwondo?

The International TaeKwon-Do Association outlined the minimum time requirements for moving from one rank to the next in Tae Kwon Do. 

The results in this table are based on a student who attends class at least 3 days every week, with each class lasting at least one and one-half hours.

The table outlines outlined the minimum time needed for moving from one rank to the next in Tae Kwon Do. 

RankBelt ColorTime Require To Move To The Next RankTotal Amount of time
 10th GupWhite2 months ( or 36 Hours)2 months
 9th GupWhite (With Yellow Stripe)2 months (or 36 Hours)4 months
 8th GupYellow 2 months (or 36 Hours)6 months
7th GupYellow (With Green Stripe)2 months (or 36 Hours)8 months
6th GupGreen2 months (or 36 Hours)10 months
5th GupGreen (With Blue Stripe)3 months (or 54 Hours)13 months
4th GupBlue6 months (or 108 Hours)19 months
3rd GupBlue (With Red Stripe)6 months (or 108 Hours)25 months
2nd GupRed6 months (or 108 Hours)31 months
 1st GupRed Belt With Black Stripe9 months (or 162 Hours)40 months
1st Dan (Il Dan) Black2 years6 years and 4 months
2nd Dan (Ee Dan)Black2 Years8 years and 4 months
3rd Dan (Sam Dan)Black4 Years12 years and 4 months
4th Dan (Sa Dan)Black4 Years16 years and 4 months
5th Dan (Oh Dan)Black6 Years22 years and 4 months
 6th Dan (Yook Dan)Black6 Years28 years and 4 months
 7th Dan (Chil Dan) Black8 Years36 years and 4 months
The table Displays The Minimum Time Requirements For Moving From One Rank To The Next In Tae Kwon Do –

What Is the Significance of a Black belt In Taekwondo?

A black belt in Taekwondo signifies a high level of skill and commitment. It takes years of dedication and training to achieve this level, and black belts are respected for their knowledge and expertise.

There are many different styles of Taekwondo, but all share common roots in Korean self-defense martial art.

Taekwondo practitioners use their hands and feet to deliver powerful strikes and are also well-versed in throws and joint locks. The art stresses mental discipline and physical conditioning, and black belts are expected to exemplify these values.

While the specific requirements for attaining a black belt vary between taekwondo schools, all students must undergo a rigorous testing process. This usually includes demonstrating proficiency in techniques, sparring, and forms (patterns of Movement). Black belts also typically need to have a good understanding of taekwondo philosophy and history.

Once someone has achieved the rank of black belt, they can continue to progress through the ranks (sometimes called “degrees”). There are usually 10 black belt degrees in Taekwondo, each requiring more time and effort to achieve. At the highest level, black belts can earn the title of grandmaster.

While the black belt is an important milestone for any taekwondo practitioner, it is not the journey’s end. Students who achieve this rank are expected to continue learning and growing mentally and physically.

Taekwondo is a lifelong pursuit, and black belts always strive to improve their skills and techniques.

How Can You Get a Black Belt In Taekwondo?

It is not easy to get a black belt in Taekwondo. To achieve this level, one must first earn a 1st-degree black belt, which typically takes 3-5 years. After earning a 1st-degree black belt, one must test for their 2nd-degree black belt, which usually takes an additional 2-3 years.

Once a 2nd-degree black belt is achieved, one can then test for their 3rd-degree black belt, which takes an additional 3-5 years. Finally, after earning a 3rd-degree black belt, one can test for their 4th-degree black belt, which is the highest level achievable in Taekwondo.

The entire process of earning a black belt in Taekwondo is not easy, but it is certainly possible with hard work and dedication.

How Can You Speed up the Process of Getting a Black belt In Taekwondo?

You can speed up the process of getting a black belt in Taekwondo by taking more classes and practicing at home. You should also try to find a good instructor who can quickly help you progress through the ranks.

Finally, make sure you attend tournaments and other events to show off your skills and progress to potential instructors.

Benefits of Taekwondo

Taekwondo Discipline is a Korean martial art focusing on kicks, punches, and blocks. It is a very popular sport, and many people enjoy its benefits. Here are some of the benefits of Taekwondo:

  • Improved fitness and physical conditioning – Taekwondo is an excellent way to get in shape and stay in shape. Constant movement and using large muscle groups help tone the body and improve cardiovascular fitness.
  • Increased strength, flexibility, and coordination – Taekwondo training helps to develop strength, flexibility, and coordination. The exercises help to improve balance and coordination, while the kicks and punches help to build strength.
  • Improved mental focus and concentration – The discipline required for Taekwondo training can help to improve mental focus and concentration. The strong need to be aware of your surroundings and execute techniques correctly helps to develop these skills.
  • Improved self-confidence – Taekwondo’s physical and mental benefits can help improve self-confidence. Knowing that you can defend yourself and others can help boost self-confidence.
  • Fun and excitement – Taekwondo is a fun and exciting way to get exercise and learn self-defense. The classes are usually high-energy, and the techniques are always changing, so there is never a dull moment.

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Is Taekwondo Better Than Other Martial Arts Disciplines?

Many people ask whether Taekwondo is better than other martial arts disciplines. However, some believe Taekwondo has advantages over other martial arts disciplines.

For example, taekwondo training generally focuses on kicks, which can be very effective in self-defense situations. Kicks can be used to keep an attacker at a distance, disable, or even incapacitate an attacker. In addition, taekwondo training often emphasizes speed and agility, which can give practitioners an edge in self-defense.

Furthermore, taekwondo training can teach discipline and self-control. This can be helpful in a self-defense situation, as it may help practitioners to avoid using excessive force or causing serious injury to an attacker.

Of course, there are also disadvantages to taekwondo training. For example, some people feel that the training can be quite intense and physical and that it requires a good amount of time and commitment. In addition, Taekwondo may not be suitable for everyone, as some may find the techniques too aggressive.

It is up to each practitioner to decide whether Taekwondo is right for them. The discipline has advantages and disadvantages, and it is important to weigh all the factors before deciding.

However, if you are looking for an effective self-defense system that can teach discipline and self-control, Taekwondo may be worth considering.

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Final Words

So there you have it; you need around 3 to 5 years to get a black belt in Taekwondo. Taekwondo is a popular Korean martial art that offers many benefits.

Taekwondo can improve fitness, strength, flexibility, and coordination. In addition, it can help to develop mental focus and concentration. Taekwondo can also be a lot of fun and provide an excellent workout.


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