6 Coolest Football Visors (Including key features to consider when picking yours!)

Coolest Football Visors
6 Coolest Football Visors (Including key features to consider when picking yours!) – sportsario.com.

One of football’s most important aspects is keeping your eye on the ball. You need to block out the sun and make sure that you are not frustrated by things that could get in your face. The coolest football visors would be a great addition to your kit. Not only will you look professional, but keeping your eye on the ball is easier.

What is the coolest football visor? One of my favorite options is the Barnett Football Helmet Eye-Shield Visor, which is designed to reduce the glare from the sun and would feel comfortable in your football helmet. One of the main reasons for us selecting it as the top pick is the ability for it to fit almost any helmet on the market today.

You might enjoy many more football visors. Some of them are more practical than others, while the best visors would serve the purpose of having you look cool and allowing you to wear them for practically improving your life on the football field. We aim to look at some of these visors’ benefits.

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Top 6 Coolest Football Visors On The Market Today

As mentioned, many brands would only provide you with a visor that looks great but does not serve any practical purpose. We believe that a football visor should do both.

The following football visors will ensure that you not only look great but they will help to improve your game. Some of the top players also use these visors:

1- Barnett Football Helmet Eye-Shield Visor

One of our favorite football visors would certainly be the Barnett Football Helmet Eye-Shield Visor. The visor features an anti-scratch surface, which would not only help to prevent scratches but reduce glare as well. It is made from durable polycarbonate, which also means that it could absorb some of the impacts.

One of the most attractive features is universal compatibility, and you should be able to attach the visor to almost any helmet on the market today. It should reduce the chances of fogging during the game whilst working in all weather conditions.

Additionally, it is great for all forms of football, including high school football.

– Universal fit
– Improves light intensity
– Reduces glare
– Prevents fogging
– Some players find the tint too dark
Table Contains Barnett Football Helmet Eye-Shield Visor Pros And Cons – sportsario.com.

2- Barnett Tinted Football Helmet Visor

The Barnett Tinted Football Helmet Visor plays off the previous one and also features some incredible results for the players using it.

It is also made from polycarbonate, which ensures overall durability but also makes the visor scratch-resistant. It should also endure fog and keep the vision clear during heavy rain.

Once again, Barnett has gone for the universal fit, which means the visor would be practical on virtually all helmets. It is flexible and won’t crack during play whilst also giving you a tint to reduce the glare of the sun. With this visor, you won’t need to deal with any hindrances, which will certainly improve your game.

– Universal fit
– Easy to mount
– Durable construction
– Ant-fog design
– It wears out over time
Table Contains Barnett Tinted Football Helmet Visor Features – sportsario.com.

3- EliteTek Color Tinted Football Visor

The EliteTek Color Tinted Football Visor is one of the most fashionable visors on the market today and features a colored design that would make you stand out.

Polycarbonate is the main material used for these visors, which is no different. It would help the visor stay flexible and absorb any real impact to protect it from damage.

Compared to many of the other options, this visor is one of the clearest options on the market today. It would shield your eyes from frustrating UV rays while keeping the fog at bay.

The only downside that I could find is the fit. Unfortunately, the visor does not always fit all helmets and might be too large for smaller helmet sizes. 

– Durable and flexible design
– Scratch-resistant
– UV protection
– Affordable
– Not ideal for smaller helmet sizes
Table Displays EliteTek Color Tinted Football Visor Pros And Cons – sportsario.com.

4- Nike Gridiron Eyeshield 2.0

Many youth players want to emulate some of their heroes, which means having similar visors. The Nike Gridiron Eyeshield 2.0 is one of these visors that would give you a heavy-duty shell made from polycarbonate. Unique optic technology ensures that you don’t need to deal with any distortion that could come from the field, either.

Due to its glare-resistant nature, the visor works wonderfully in sunny conditions and would easily fit many youth helmets. You can customize the decals, allowing you to bring something unique to your visor as well.

Unfortunately, this is one of the more expensive options on the market, given it is from Nike.

– Glare resistant
– Durable construction
– Easy to fit
– Customizable decals
It is relatively more expensive.
Table Contains Nike Gridiron Eyeshield 2.0 Characteristics – sportsario.com.

5- Under Armour Men’s Football Visor

Under Armour only recently entered the football world and has since introduced some of the best products the world has seen. The Under Armour Men’s Football Visor is one of the top options due to the variety of sizes it offers. Another benefit would be how easy it could be for you to mount the visor to almost any helmet.

The Under Armour men’s football visor provides incredible visibility to the user and would effortlessly mount to almost any helmet that you might already own.

You can find the helmet in a variety of colors, which should allow you to customize your helmet into something unique. The durability is another factor to keep in mind, but this is also a pricey option.

– Tagless design
– Numerous colors to choose from
– Reputable brand
– Clear visibility
– It might be relatively more expensive
Table Displays Under Armour Men’s Football Visor Pros And Cons – sportsario.com.

6- Oakley One-Size Football Shield

When it comes to optics technology and features, few brands are as impressive as Oakley. Oakley is renowned throughout the world for its optic technology, and the Oakley One-Size Football Shield features the patented plutonite, which is ideal for reducing some of the risks to your eyes from playing football (Source: OCorner)

The main purpose of this visor is to optimize your vision, and it would ensure that you have UV protection to block out some of these harmful rays from the sun.

If optics are what you are looking for, you need to choose Oakley. The visor is surprisingly durable for something designed by an optic brand.

– Ideal for vision optimization
– Anti-fog design
– Durable construction
– Blocks UV rays
– It can be challenging to install for some People.
Table Contains Oakley One-Size Football Shield Pros And Cons – sportsario.com.

Key Features To Consider When Buying The “Coolest” Football Visor

Much like any other football gear, there are a few important things to keep in mind before buying. These football visors have a few unique features, and you need to ensure that you understand how they work.

The following section will help you understand the features we deem the most important for selecting a good football visor:

1- Construction

One of the main features would be the overall construction of the visor. Most visors feature construction from a polycarbonate shell, which ensures durability.

It is important that you first check to see whether polycarbonate is used in the construction. This gives you a combination of flexibility and durability.

2- Sizing

The sizing is important, and you need to find a visor that would fit your helmet. You also need to ensure that the visor is compatible with the helmet, which is why we have selected plenty of visors with the universal fit feature.

This means that the visor would fit almost any helmet and ensure that you don’t have problems.

3- Optic Technology

We can do an entirely new article on optic technology, but the visor is more than just a shell that covers your eyes. You need to look for various tech features that could ensure glare is reduced to improve vision.

Some of the top brands will also include additional features like being UV resistant as well.

4- Fog Resistance

Fog can build up in your helmet for two reasons, and one of these reasons is the temperature difference. If you are playing, you tend to heat up, and this causes sweat to start accumulating.

When the sweat accumulates, you have a discrepancy in temperature, causing fog. It is important that your visor allows fog to clear up efficiently.

5- Style

The bonus feature would be the style of the visor. You want to make sure that it is something you like. Additionally, the visor is a way of looking cool on the football field.

You have the option of choosing a dark visor. However, you can also choose a visor with different colors that would look great on the football field.

Wrapping Up

Football visors are an important part of a football kit; having one you like is important. We have selected 6 of the top options that we have tested and believe would work well.

However, we would love to read some of your comments on the best visors we might have missed. Please check out our football vs. basketball analysis.


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