7 Best No Gi Shorts (And how to pick the perfect one for you!)

Every game has its uniform to help players perform at a high level, and Brazilian No Gi is no exception. People worldwide are raving over this fantastic martial art, and the confusion between Gi and No Gi makes this grappling game even more popular. 

Although the game allows you to wear any elastic shirt and t-shirt, having specialized attire can go a long way. 

A pair of No Gi BJJ shorts will help you drill and roll with your opponent comfortably. No Gi shorts are attractive and durable, meaning you can use them on the court for a while. 

The market is flooded with BJJ brands, with several brands selling grappling shorts. However, this guide highlights the 7 best No Gi shorts and the features you should look for when choosing the ideal shorts.

Safety and free movements are factors we will consider in this article to ensure you have a good game. 

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7 Best No Gi Shorts
7 Best No Gi Shorts (And how to pick the perfect one for you!) – sportsario.com

What Is No Gi?

No Gi grapplers often wear clothes made from elastic materials such as polyester. Most people prefer wearing rash guards; however, you can also put on a regular T-shirt and shorts.

For decades there has been an endless debate about No Gi and Gi forms of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. This section will help you understand No Gi using simple language. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a martial art that involves grappling with the opponent as you try to subdue or submit them. 

While Gi requires that you wear a traditional uniform, No Gi does not need you to wear a traditional uniform. In No Gi, you are prohibited from grabbing your opponent by their pants or jacket

In No Gi, you only have a few techniques to slow down the action. The art dictates using wrestling-based grips and relying on your balance, body mechanics, and hand positioning to overpower the opponent. Since it does not have an official uniform, it has less friction and is much faster. 

Although No Gi has no uniform, you are still required to put on at least a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. What dictates if a short is ideal for the game?

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Factors To Consider When Buying No Gi Shorts

It is essential to ensure that your No Gi shorts are not a hindrance to your performance. Here are three factors worth considering before making a purchase.

  • Safety– Your safety is the first thing to consider when buying a No Gi short. The shorts should not have zippers, loose materials, pockets, or hard objects. You do not want self-inflicted injury when your opponent falls you. 
  • Material– Ensure your BJJ shorts’ material is durable and elastic. 
  • Fit but not too tight– The shorts should be a tight fit for safety but should also allow free movement. Of course, it should not reveal the shape or lining of your inside pants. If your grappling shorts are too loose, your opponent’s stray fingers or toe could be caught in them, thus causing injuries or embarrassments.  

Best Grappling Shorts For No Gi

Now let’s discuss the best No Gi shorts

1- Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu shorts

If you are looking for high-quality BJJ Jiu Jitsu shorts, buy Gold BJJ. They have made from durable material and are approved by IBJJF. If you want to be a professional No-Gi grappler, it is worth investing in these pairs of pants. 

You can be confident of their longevity or durability, so you will not visit the shop so often to buy grappling shorts. 

Furthermore, you can match these BJJ shorts with other Gold BJJ outfits to create some element of consistency. For instance, you can buy the Gold BJJ Jiu Jitsu shorts and wear them with Gold BJJ rashguards and spats. 

Matching your outfit will make you look more appealing than randomly throwing clothes on your body. Therefore, if you can afford BJJ grappling shorts, I recommend trying the Gold BJJ shorts. They are probably the best No Gi shorts you will ever wear. 

2- The Hawk BJJ shorts

These martial art shorts are high-quality and cheaper than most No Gi shorts. Besides using them for BJJ sports, you can also use them for other compact sports. 

Furthermore, they are unisex, meaning both male and female grapplers can wear them in the fight. They are one of the best No Gi shorts for women in the market. 

Some successful No Gi fighters, such as Robbie Lawler, favored the Hawk BJJ shorts, showing their value. 

One downside of these shorts is the conspicuous Hawk logo on the side. This makes the wearer look like a walking advertisement. Players who do not love to be associated with brands may also feel apprehensive about using them. 

However, if you want a short for BJJ sport that will not create holes in your pocket, the Hawk short is an ideal pick.

3- Anthem Athletic Resilience BJJ shorts

This brand is an excellent choice since it offers diverse cool designs. While other BJJ shorts are plain, Anthem Athletic has a variety of colors.

Moreover, the shorts are made of high-quality materials that will last longer. Don’t worry about the vector connector on the front side of the short; it will not hinder your movement. 

You will pay a little higher than other brands, but it is worth it for a grappler who wants their personality to be visible as they roll on the court. 

4- The Elite Sports BJJ shorts

These No Gi shorts are suitable for those with a limited budget. So, if you want to start grappling but are scared you cannot afford a BJJ short, check out the Elite Sports BJJ Shorts

They are one of the cheapest No Gi shorts. You can choose plain black or ranked colors depending on your preference. And sometimes, you can buy more than one color to use on different days. 

However, some grapplers find the big Velcro connector on the front of the short uncomfortable. I have some trainees say that the Velcro is rather too rigid ad sharp at the edges. 

However, they will still offer you protection at a cheaper price. So, the Elite sports BJJ shorts are worth trying, and you may have a different experience than your colleagues.

5- Phalanx FC SQUAD

 Phalanx FC manufactures high-quality BJJ shorts and rash guards in the USA. The shorts are made from 4-way stretch fabric, making them light. Their inner lining features flatlock stitching to ensure durability and comfort. 

The manufacturers of these shorts have added additional stitches on the stress points to improve their durability through rigorous weekly training.

Additionally, the Phalanx fight shorts for BJJ are sublimated to protect them against peeling or fading when you use or wash them. 

6- Fuji Sports BJJ short

Fuji designs have a simple, stylish, and elegant appearance. The Fuji sports BJJ shorts are suitable for beginners, experienced competitors, or recreational grapplers. Although they are lightweight, they are still durable and comfortable.

With 4-way stretch fabric, you can roll with your opponent and not experience wear and tear. The Fuji sports BJJ shorts are IBJJF-approved for quality and provide lots of space to customize your shorts the way you desire. 

The shorts’ design is also integrated with a 360-degree stretch flex, providing an unimpeded range of motion regardless of your position during grappling exchanges. 

These shorts’ stretchability also promotes longevity since the material experiences less strain. Additionally, they have a saddle gusset to ensure they survive a few years of heavy use. 

7- Hayabusa Hexagon BJJ Shorts

Hexagon BJJ shorts are one of the best No Gi grappling shorts you can count on for comfort. They are made for top performance and can be customized for ultimate comfort. 

They have a silicone waistband to ensure they stay on even in the most rigorous grappling exchanges. A shirt with a weak waistband may slip down when things get tough, thus distracting you from the duel. 

The quality material and reinforced stitching used in Hexagon shorts will last longer. The Hayabusa Hexagon BJJ shorts are also machine washable, making them easy to keep clean. You can choose from various colors: white, black, green, navy, or grey.

Final Words

No Gi is an amazing grappling sport loved by many people across the globe. If you are into this Brazilian martial art, you need the right gear. Although No Gi does not have a specific traditional uniform like Gi, you need quality pair of shorts and a t-shirt to perform at your best.

When selecting the best No Gi shorts, consider the quality of the material, safety, and whether the short fits you well. Additionally, ensure the shorts are comfortable and durable. You don’t want a No Gi short that distracts you from the game.


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