5 Best Lacrosse Sticks (With tips on what to look for when picking yours!)

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Best Lacrosse Sticks
5 Best Lacrosse Sticks (With tips on what to look for when picking yours!) – sportsario.com.

One of the most important gear items for lacrosse players is the sticks they use. These sticks could vary depending on a few factors. Some of the lacrosse sticks are longer, while others have bigger nets. This could be a disruption or a benefit to your game. It is important for your lacrosse journey that we look at the best lacrosse sticks.

Best lacrosse sticks? You can choose from hundreds, if not thousands, of lacrosse sticks and brands. However, those in a rush would find the STX Lacrosse Stallion Stick to be one of the current best options on the market today. It might not be the best for defensive play, but this would be a good attacking stick.

Unfortunately, not all players are in the attacking position, and the game is often split with various positions for players to fill. Each position might require a different stick or set of gear.

To ensure you find the right gear for your game, we will look at some of the best lacrosse sticks on the market today.

Top 5 Best Lacrosse Sticks On The Market Today

With so many options, we must have a look at what is considered the best lacrosse gear. The following lacrosse sticks have proven themselves worthy; many are used in professional leagues throughout the United States.

Here are the ideal lacrosse sticks that you ought to be interested in when playing.

1- STX Stallion Lacrosse Stick

The first one on our list would certainly be the impressive STX Stallion Lacrosse Stick, which features a unique design made to be a bit more forgiving.

The main idea behind the STX Stallion Lacrosse Stick design is to be more forgiving than some of the others and improve the handling and control of the ball. It would also be comfortable to handle.

The stick is often marketed at new players entering the game and works best for midfielders and attackers due to the length it offers. It adheres to the rules set out by the NFHS and NCAA when it comes to the regulatory requirements that each lacrosse stick needs to ensure that it works effectively for the game.

– Lightweight
– Forgiving design
– Great for ball control
– NCAA and NFHS mandated
– Not ideal for defense
Table Displays STX Stallion Lacrosse Stick Pros And Cons – sportsario.com.

Recommended Positions: This stick would be best for beginners or those playing in the midfield or attacking.

2- Warrior Mako Jr. Youth Lacrosse Stick

Since most players start playing the game at a young age, it is only fitting to include one of the youth lacrosse sticks on the list for these beginners to get started.

The Warrior Mako Jr. Youth Lacrosse Stick is short, only spanning 37.5-inches in total length, but this makes it a great stick for youth players. 

One of the best features is the overall durability of the stick, which means that it would be subject to insane and rigorous testing.

Youth players would be able to use it throughout their youth careers before finally moving up to the bigger leagues. This is the ideal lacrosse stick for those with smaller hands and smaller stature.

– Lightweight
– Ideal for youth players
– Insane durability
– Forgiving design
– Players would outgrow this stick
Table Displays Warrior Mako Jr. Youth Lacrosse Stick Characteristics – sportsario.com.

Recommended Positions: It can be used for all youth games, and players with smaller hands would benefit.

3- STX Crux 400 Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick

There are a few slight differences between the lacrosse sticks used by men and women. Since women are slightly smaller, some of the longer male lacrosse sticks might make it hard to control the ball.

However, the STX Crux 400 Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick is the perfect balance of power and small for different players.

The Crux face shape is unique and would often be more forgiving in allowing players to comfortably catch the ball. It also works well for face-off players, who need some additional help to ensure they can effectively scoop the ball when needed.

It is one of the lacrosse sticks with the deepest legal pockets you would find on the market today.

– Great for scooping
– Ergonomic for women
– Inexpensive
– Deepest legal pocket
– A bit too small for male players
Table Shows The STX Crux 400 Women’s Complete Lacrosse Stick Pros And Cons – sportsario.com.

Recommended Positions: This stick is designed specifically for female players and would work best when used for attack and midfield players. 

4- STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete Stick

Moving back to the male players, we have found the STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete Stick to be one of the best. When adding an extender, the lacrosse stick is one of the ideal options that you can use on the defensive side of the field, and it has a solid mesh pocket that would ensure you have functionality for catching the ball.

Aside from having the traditional STX design and features, other amazing features would be the unit’s colors and design.

You can find it in a variety of different colors that would certainly stand out on the lacrosse field. Even the dry mesh handle would make handling the stick much easier in wet conditions

– Waterproof handle
– The handle can be extended
– Inexpensive
– Forgiving shape
– Mostly for male players only
Table Displays The STX Lacrosse Crux 100 Complete Stick Pros And Cons – sportsario.com.

Recommended Positions: One of the best features of this lacrosse stick is that it can be used over a variety of scenarios and different positions. 

5- Franklin Sports Mini Pro Style Venom Lacrosse Stick

While this might seem like a mini lacrosse stick, the Franklin Sports Mini Pro Style Venom Lacrosse Stick offers versatility, enabling players to use it for various situations. It can even be used for professional games, depending on the skills of the player.

One of the main benefits is that this stick can also be used for youth games and often works as a great learning stick to improve your game.

The idea of this stick is to include a ball, which would allow the player to practice. The ball and stick would ensure that you can learn and improve your hand-eye coordination while working on those motor skills at the same time. It is inexpensive and should be great for all players to start using for their games.

– Ideal for all ages
– Great for training
– Forgiving head design
– Various colors included
– Might be too small for all players
Table Shows Franklin Sports Mini Pro Style Venom Lacrosse Stick Characteristics – sportsario.com.

Recommended Positions: This stick would work wonders for beginners and make improving your game much easier.

Best Lacrosse Sticks
Lacrosse Players Running

What You Need To Look For When Buying A Lacrosse Stick?

We used a few important features to determine which of these are the best sticks. To ensure that you also find the best sticks for your game.

Here is a small breakdown of the different features to keep in mind:

1- Stick Materials

The lacrosse stick needs to be durable if you are going to play with it consistently. This would require you to look at the different materials, with scandium, titanium, carbon fiber, and composite materials making up your choices.

Ideal, you want something lightweight and durable to sustain your lacrosse stick.

2- Positional Choices

Not all positions on the lacrosse field would use the same sticks. Some players, like attackers and midfielders, might need something smaller, which makes it easier to move around.

On the other hand, defenders would use larger lacrosse sticks that could help them pick the ball from the air. 

Goalkeepers are the final choice, and they have sticks with slightly larger heads, and the aim is to help them defend the attackers. Goalkeeper sticks are often the larger and longest and require a stronger player to wield. 

3- Grips

 Another important aspect of the stick would be the grip that is provided. You want to have a solid grip on the stick to ensure that it doesn’t slip. Sandpaper grips, rubberized grips, or no grip would be the options.

However, not having any grip could compromise you when playing in wet conditions, which might lead the stick to slip out of your hands.

4- Shape

The shape might look similar to other sticks, but different brands might have different lacrosse grips, and you should consider this as part of your design.

You can choose between concave or octagonal shapes, but there are other configurations as well. It depends on what you feel comfortable with for throwing and catching the lacrosse ball.

Wrapping Up

Finding the best lacrosse sticks can be tricky, and you will need to ensure that you understand what you are looking for.

We have selected five of the best options on the market today, and these would enable you to progress and improve your game.

Let us know which lacrosse sticks we might have missed in the comment section. Here is a look at the different cleats of lacrosse as well.


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