Basketball Shoes Vs. Tennis Shoes: What Are The Differences?

Basketball and tennis are two of the most popular sports played worldwide. So be it any part of the world, and you will surely find people passionate about these sports. Fans of basketball are found mostly on the American side of the world and tennis in European countries. 

However, both sports are unique and require specialized equipment and training. Basketball and tennis are sports that require constant movement from players, which is when the importance of the shoes comes in. So, basketball shoes vs. tennis shoes, are they any differences?

The table below summarizes the main differences between basketball shoes and tennis shoes.

FeaturesTennis ShoesBasketball Shoes
WeightTennis shoes are generally lighter than basketball shoesBasketball shoes are generally lighter than tennis shoes
TopMostly tennis shoes come with a lower topGenerally, basketball shoes have mid, high, or low tops.
Sole  design– Generally, tennis shoes come with lighter soles
– Some tennis shoes feature a herringbone design, but they generally are not as durable as basketball shoe soles.
Basketball shoes come with heavier soles than tennis shoes to provide traction during sudden stops and starts.
CushioningTennis shoes generally have medium cushioningBasketball shoes have stronger and heavier cushioning.
The table Contains The Main Differences Between Basketball Shoes And Tennis Shoes –

Both the sports require specialized shoes that help the players get a good grip and support them. 

Read on to find in detail how basketball shoes differ from tennis shoes, how to choose basketball shoes or tennis shoes, and a selection of the best shoes for both basketball and tennis.

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Basketball Shoes vs. Tennis Shoes: What Are The Differences
Basketball Shoes vs. Tennis Shoes: What Are The Differences

Difference Between Basketball and Tennis Shoes

Just as there is difference between the sports, there are a lot of differences in the equipment used to play these sports.

Here are the differences you will experience when wearing a basketball shoe for tennis or vice versa. 

1- Weight

Basketball is a sport professionally played on a wooden floor. That is a tough platform to play on and requires a good grip for the players. However, tennis is mainly played on grass, hard, or clay courts, requiring a different grip on your shoes

Therefore, basketball shoes are heavier in weight as it helps you get a good grip on the ground. No player would want to sleep on the ground while playing basketball. On the other hand, in basketball, during dribbles and tackles, a player requires good foot movement to pass the opponent, and this is when the shoes help the player. 

The reason tennis shoes are lighter is that the player needs to make lateral movements during the game. And these shoes provide them comfort and additional support. In addition, the light shoes help tennis players make movements at a speed that helps them hit the ball on point.

Now that there is a difference between the weight of basketball and tennis shoes is cleared; let’s move on to the next factor of difference you will experience. 

2- Shoe Uppers Style

In tennis, a player needs to move from one place to another to hit the ball. But in basketball, a player needs to play depending on his position. As a result, basketball is more like an unpredictable sport, and playing it is even more difficult than predicting the winner

To make it easier for the tennis player to have constant movements across their part of the field, tennis shoes have a lower top. This makes it easier for the players to move with comfort

On the other hand, basketball shoes are made in all tops, such as the high, mid, and lower top. It all depends on the player and is comfortable for them to play. 

3- Sole Design

Sole is the essential element in a shoe that helps a player get a good grip on the ground they play on. You may have seen basketball players taking out the soles of the shoes that they gifted to a fan. However, there is a reason why the sole is detached before gifting them out. 

Be it any sport, and if a player is comfortable in one style of sole, they would want that in every shoe they would be wearing during the play. However, in basketball shoes, you will find a heavier shoe design as it helps a player jump comfortably during the game. The sole ensures that no shock is transferred to the players’ ankles during all the jumps.

On the other hand, in tennis shoes, you will find a lighter sole design as it helps a player constantly run comfortably across the field. In addition, the light sole makes it easier for the player to hit the ball on point while running. 

Generally, basketball shoes designed for outdoor playgrounds have heavier soles. Tennis shoes feature different kinds of soles, depending on the type of surface you usually play on. Indoor tennis shoes generally come with a smooth sole that won’t grab the court’s surface or leave marks as players move laterally.

4- Cushioning

No matter how harsh the basketball or tennis game is, the more comfortable the shoes are, the better you will feel. This is because the cushioning of the shoe plays a vital role in providing comfort to the player. However, the type of cushion depends on the movement required in a sport. 

The constant jumps in the basketball require a bit of thick cushioning as it makes it better to absorb the shock from touching the ground back. However, in tennis, a player needs to make lateral movements at a fast speed.

Therefore, you will find thinner cushioning in tennis shoes. The thin cushioning helps tennis players to be faster on the course

What To Look For When Choosing Basketball Shoes?

There are three main factors to remember when choosing basketball shoes: traction, support, and comfort.

  • Traction: Grip is essential when it comes to traction. All basketball players need a shoe with good traction.
  • Comfort: One of the most important criteria for choosing the perfect basketball shoes is comfort. Choose shoes you can wear for extended periods without causing your foot pain. 
  • Support: Ensure you pick sturdy shoes to bear your weight while allowing your feet to perform at a high level.

 In addition, choosing a basketball shoe depends on your position. 

  • If you play as a guard: go for a basketball shoe with a lower-cut ankle to allow you to quickly change directions and free up your ankles for quicker misdirection plays. 
  • If you play as a center: go with a bigger shoe with higher-cut ankles for ankle support and extra cushioning. 

What To Look For When Choosing Tennis Shoes?

Because tennis is a sport that requires quick stops and starts, short sprints, and frequent lateral moves, choosing the proper footwear can play an essential role.

  • The main factors when choosing tennis shoes are comfort, durability, weight, stability, and outsole.
  • If you want stability and durability, choose heavier tennis shoes.
  • And if you prioritize speed, go for lightweight shoes because they allow players to reach the ball quickly.

Best Basketball Shoes For Tennis

Now that the differences between both the shoes are clear, here is a list of the top best basketball shoes that you can use for tennis. For beginners in tennis, wearing basketball shoes would be a better option as it would be more difficult to play in those shoes. And the higher the difficulty level will be, the better trained a person can be. 

1- Nike Basketball Shoes For Tennis

Nike basketball shoes for tennis are among the go-to basketball for tennis. The Nike LeBron shoes offer good fitting and stability because of their webbed lacing system and a sock-like fit preventing your legs from slipping.

In addition, Nike basketball shoes for tennis feature a light strike cushioning, providing excellent comfort and durability without losing weight and court speed.

When playing tennis, these Nike LeBron, you can expect quick and faster movements, particularly outdoors.

These shoes come with

  • Knit upper for enhanced stability and balance.
  • Air-Sole unit cushioning with EVA Midsole: This provides extra cushioning, particularly for tennis players during jump smashes. And as you might know, basketball shoes generally increase your height, which helps when playing tennis.
  • Security and improved durability ensured: Nike is one of the rare brands to guarantee durability constantly.

Nike Lebron Witness Basketball Shoes For Men

Nike Basketball Shoes For women

2- Socviis Sneaker Air

Breathable and lightweight, Socviis sneaker air shoes are perfect for basketball and tennis. The rubber sole design makes it the best shock absorbent shoe. The cushioning of these shoes is a mild one. 

That is why you can have optimum comfort during the plays. The thickly stitched structure of such shoes wraps around the shoes. Made from synthetic material, the top-quality design makes it easy for you to use these shoes for any sport. 

Socviis Sneaker Air For Men

Socviis Sneaker Air For Women

3- Adidas Basketball Shoe

There is no doubt about the quality of the shoes when the name Adidas is associated with them. Be it casual wear or sportswear, Adidas is known for making versatile shoes

The Lightmotion cushioning rubber sole used in these shoes makes them perfect tennis and basketball shoes. The current initiative of Adidas to Go Green is to end plastic waste. And these Adidas basketball shoes are made with recyclable materials, so they don’t impact the environment once they are disposed of

Adidas Basketball Shoe For Men

Adidas Basketball Shoe For Women

4- Mevlzz Running Shoes

One of the highly-rated shoes that can be used for basketball and tennis. Mevlzz running shoes are shock absorbent and provide comfort in every step

The synthetic mesh used in these shoes makes Mevlzz shoes lightweight and breathable. In addition, you will find mild leather accents in these shoes added to improve the look. Other than basketball and tennis you can use these shoes for any other sports

These are the best multi-purpose shoes that you will find. Make sure to order the right size if you are considering this shoe. However, check them out if you want to know more about these shoes. 

Mevlzz Shoes For Men

Mevlzz Shoes For Women

Final Thoughts

Overall, tennis and basketball have a lot in common, including changing speed, accelerating time, and cutting deep ankles. If you often enjoy both sports, consider choosing your shoes in this selection of the best basketball shoes for tennis. 

Playing tennis and basketball can be fun and dangerous; you want to have the best footwear to enjoy the game and keep yourself safe and healthy.

In addition, both sports require immense power and tactics from a player. By getting basketball shoes for tennis, you wouldn’t have to spend much money on the shoes as one pair of shoes can be used for both sports. 


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